Di | 05.11.2019 | Film & Konzert | Electro Alternative | England

Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation / La Haine Live Soundtrack

Einlass: 20:30 Uhr | Beginn: 21:00 Uhr

VVK: 22 € (zzgl. VVK Gebühr) | AK: 26 €

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Ort: Kulturladen Konstanz, Joseph-Belli-Weg 5

Die KULA X ZEBRA Kooperation geht in die nächste Runde. Film und Live-Musik? Wir können beides. Gleichzeitig!
Wir freuen uns diesmal besonders euch ein super spannendes Projekt präsentieren zu dürfen, das sowohl filmisch als auch musikalisch absolut überzeugt.
Die fantastische Band Asian Dub Foundation performt Live ihre Interpretation eines Soundtracks zu dem schwarz/weiß Filmklassiker La Haine (dt. Der Hass).
Der Film, der das trostlose Leben in den Banlieues Frankreichs schildert, zeigt 24 Stunden im Leben der drei jugendlichen Hauptfiguren, deren Welt von Gewalt, Drogen und Schikanen durch die Polizei geprägt ist.

The French cult classic film soundtracked exclusively by Asian Dub Foundation for a unique and powerful journey between music and frames. Asian Dub Foundation celebrate cult film “La Haine” with an exclusive live soundtrack set. This incredible live show brings on stage a reinterpretation of the original soundtrack played by the band while the film plays in the background, for a unique and powerful journey between music and film. Steve Chandra, Dr Das and Brian Fairbairn are respectively guitar, bass and drums of legendary Asian Dub Foundation, a band that has always been politically and socially involved; on their most-critically acclaimed album, “Enemy of the Enemy”, there’s a song inspired by the film La Haine, which reflects how deep their commitment is to this project. Released in 1995, La Haine stars Vincent Cassel and describes the tension in the suburbs of Paris after the killing of a man by French Police. The rawness has made it a cult classic, reaching no. 32 in Empire Magazine’s Best 100 Films of World Cinema. In March 2012 Asian Dub Foundation main man Steve Savale received a call from London based interactive film company Secret Cinema. Their founder Fabien Rigall had been inspired when he had attended the first ever screening of ADFs live soundtrack to the classic film La Haine at London’s Barbican Art Centre and subsequent screenings for David Bowie at Bowies London Meltdown Festival.

Rigall spoke about his love of the event and his long time wish to recreate it. The proposal. A screening of La Haine with ADF at the notorious Broadwater Farm Estate in North London on the eve of the London Mayoral elections. The previous summer an incident involving the fatal shooting of a Broadwater Farm resident by the police had started a riot that had got out of control and spread all over the country. Similarities to La Haines story of a post riot scenario on a deprived housing estate were obvious. The police and local council considered the event too dangerous and tried to ban it.In a short space of time the soundtrack would have to be recreated and that it would need the musicians who had played on the earlier events. Original bass player and ADF founding member Dr Das and drummer Rocky Singh hadn’t played in the band for many years. They were contacted with a proposal and agreed it was an opportunity they couldn’t refuse.


“The film had little music, just tense silences punctuated by obscenities. Asian Dub Foundation's live score changes all that. In fighting hard against racism and for natural justice, the five-piece band has been Britain's spiritual heir to the combative conscience of The Clash.”- The Sydney Morning Herald


“The film starts to roll with images of Paris burning, looting and rioters beaten by police, its soundtrack, played live by Asian Dub Foundation, throbbing through the hall. For the next few hours, no one moves” - The Guardian


“..and with the Asian Dub Foundation in place to soundtrack the feature, the opening scenes of riots, youth violence and police brutality played out to the sound of hard ragga-jungle rhythms, indo-dub basslines and searing sitar-inspired guitars. For 98 mins ADF's live score overlaid the French dialogue and action leaving the audience with only the subtitles and actors to guide you through the intense story. Altogether, a reimagining of the live orchestra and silent film presentations for the modern, urban age.” - Huffington Post