Sa | 14.04.2018 | Queergestreift-Festivaleröffnungsparty | Dance. Trash. Elektro.


Beginn: 23.00 Uhr

Abendkasse: 5 € (mit Film: 11 € / 9 € [ermäßigt])

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The Future is Queergestreift!

The future is queer. And it goes on...
Queerparty in unique cooperation with Queergestreift Filmfestival.

A party for anyone, coming from anywhere, wearing anything, loving who they want! We celebrate sexuality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Feel celebrated.
Feel free.
Feel loved.

Come as you are. Let's shape the future together.
We encourage every-body to have fun, enjoy their and each others bodies, but remember: respect is everything //CONSENT IS KEY.

Perfect plan for the night:
1. come to Zebra Kino and watch the great queer movie Team Hurricane at Queergestreift Filmfestival
2. show us your dance moves on the spectacular Kula Konstanz dancefloor

3. feast on your unforgettable memories up to the next queerparty in june!